No. 6: [Winter Break] From My Collection

CFP is technically taking November and December off, but I thought I’d share a piece from my personal collection real quick.

Ad for the Container Corporation of America by Herbert Matter, 1942.

Walter Paepcke, the founder of the Container Corporation of America (CCA), was a design patron and a fan of the influential Bauhaus school. He hired many European and émigré designers, including Herbert Bayer (a student and teacher at the Bauhaus responsible for CCA’s identity refresh), A. M. Cassandre (with whom Herbert Matter studied with in Paris) and Herbert Matter (ou to create posters and advertisements for CCA. This ad was published in Fortune Magazine in 1942 — which had a large trim size for a periodical (13.75 x 10.5 inches) — and features Matter’s iconic motion photography, which you might remember from Light and Motion. That’s Lee Krasner running up the stairs.