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The Creative Friendships Project

The Creative Friendships Project is an independent research project on the significance of friendships for creators and how the people artists keep close sustain and inspire their work. It spotlights pairs and small circles of friends that create in close proximity (but not collaborators). 

Season One of The Creative Friendships Project focuses on Herbert Matter and Jackson Pollock's fourteen-year friendship. In monthly updates, I'll delve into how some of Pollock and Matter’s most important works were influenced by this relationship and dive deeply into the philosophy of friendship and its impact on creative work.

Big thanks to Elizabeth Goodspeed for The Creative Friendships Project logotype, icon, and colorways.

Behind the Project

Kate Long is a special collections librarian and archivist of graphic design and type history, a writer, and an editor. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she's the Librarian at Letterform Archive. Sometimes she writes for the Archive blog and their collaboration with Adobe Create Magazine. Other times she gives lectures on the impact of type and graphic design. Most times she's up to her eyebrows in metadata. And always and unceasingly, she's inspired by design artifacts and the stories they tell us about being human.

(You can find out more about her here.)